'Funding our troops' is misleading

An open letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Dear Nancy Pelosi:

I just failed to "pull the trigger" as I considered a donation to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Reading your letter, I was struck &

again &

by the phrase "funding our troops." I'm really tired of it because "we" are not funding the troops, we are funding the war!

That phrase about funding the troops is a way of diverting attention from the fact that U.S. citizens are being made to watch as our taxes are continuing to go down an enormous and profitless hole &

except for the profit going to Haliburton, Blackwater, et al. It's disgusting and frustrating.

In addition, I am dismayed about the debate on immigration. I have seen all the attention in this debate focused on shoring up the border and finding ways to deal with immigrants already here. But I never hear any mention in this context of the trade and tax policies that allow corporations to exploit low-wage foreign workers, export jobs overseas and depress domestic wages by encouraging foreign workers to immigrate, legally or not.

There would not be such a flood of desperate illegal immigrants if economic circumstances in their home countries weren't so abysmal, made so by the exploitation of them and their countries' resources by American corporations.

The relentless march to global domination, which I associate with Republican values and policies (along with reliance on our military &

not "the troops" but their mission), gives the USA a distasteful image in the world.

When the Democrats make principled stands and initiate progressive legislation toward ending the war, establishing fair trade and reigning in corporate greed, I will have no difficulty supporting them with my limited discretionary funds.

Jack Seybold

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