'Nickel-a-Neuter' program on July 1

Spay/Neuter Your Pet is offering Jackson County residents a one-time opportunity to get a male cat altered for just five cents.

Only 250 Nickel-a-Neuter certificates will be available for sale July 1-14 on a first-come, first-served basis at Pet Country and the Mini Pet Mart in Medford, Ashland Grange Co-Op, and the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Phoenix. They can be redeemed at participating veterinary offices listed on the back of the certificate.

SNYP organized this campaign to emphasize the importance of fixing tomcats. Fewer than 30 percent of the animals SNYP assists are males. Pet owners may be less motivated to alter their toms because they "don't bring the problem &

a litter of kittens &

home," according to SNYP organizers. But an un-neutered male can be responsible for fathering hundreds of kittens each year, most of which may wind up in animal shelters.

Nickel-a-Neuter is funded by the Friends of the (Jackson County) Animal Shelter, which regularly partners with SNYP to promote pet spay/neuter efforts.

For more information, visit the SNYP Web site at or call (541) 858-3325.

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