'The Gingerbread Man'

The next Bad Film Society meeting will be on the Sunday after New Years, Jan. 3rd, at 6 p.m. downstairs in the Ashland Elks' Dungeon.

The feature will be the slightly holiday themed "The Gingerdead Man." The sensational Gary Busey had a fairly respectable film career in the 70s and 80s, but sometime between getting brain damage in a motorcycle crash and his stint on the reality show Celebrity Rehab, he starred in this redonkulous horror/comedy.

In "The Gingerbread Man" Busey plays a deranged executed killer who comes back to life as an evil gingerbread cookie to wreak havoc on the girl who sent him to the electric chair! Yes, you read that right, a freaking evil gingerbread cookie! Most people will hate this pathetic excuse for a movie, but if you are one of the few (like me) who devours this kind of cheap crapola, you cannot miss this!

Why not bring a wrapped white elephant gift for a belated, but goofy gift exchange.

Film archivist Steven Mayerson will present some festive shorts before the feature.

Also stay tuned for the eighth chapter of the serial "Tiger Woman" from 1944. Evil oil speculators in South America attempt to drive away an exotic native tribe and their hot queen, the Tiger Woman. But she's a white woman and might be the lost heiress to a vast fortune! Actually The Tiger Woman wore a leopard-spotted outfit because the studio couldn't find any tiger patterned fabric! It's a howler!

Members should bring some festive food for the potluck dinner before the feature. Some bottom feeders just come for the great food! It sure beats dumpster diving! Vomit bags will be available for those with weak stomachs. A registered nurse will be in attendance in case anyone should need assistance.

The entrance to the Ashland Elks Dungeon is on Will Dodge Way (the alley between E. Main and Lithia Way and 1st St. and 2nd St.). You'll see the "Elks Dining" sign. The private Elks parking lot will be open for use. To park, enter on 2nd St. There is a $3 donation requested to cover the costs of the room rental and supplies.

For more information, check out the Bad Film Society web site at www.badfilmsociety.org.

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