'Want to be in a movie?'

Ashland students Kate Finwall and Vicki Lewton-Diez, both 13, have spent all summer hammering out a screenplay for a sequel to "Young Frankenstein."

Last week, as they touched up the script, Kate decided she was tired of writing and wanted to start shooting, so the pair took matters into their own hands — literally.

On downtown street corners, they held a handmade cardboard sign.

"Want to be in a movie?" the sign read.

That day, Aug. 28, they cast all but one of the main characters for the movie, which they plan to enter in the Ashland Independent Film Festival next year, if they can get it done in time.

"If anybody says you can't do this because you're too small or whatever ... ," Vicki said.

"... then we're going to prove them wrong," Kate said, finishing the sentence.

They've never made a film before, but the girls, who became friends last year at Ashland Middle School, are determined to work on the project after school and on weekends, they said.

Their budget is small — $1,000 to be exact — and they have yet to raise most of it, Kate said.

"Last weekend we sold brownies and I played my violin downtown," she said.

"We made $50, so it was really good," Vicki added.

The girls' film is titled "Inga," after the lab assistant who marries Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in "Young Frankenstein," a 1974 comedic film directed by Mel Brooks.

In "Inga," which is also a comedy, Frankenstein goes crazy and is shipped to an asylum.

So Inga and her young daughter, Ruski, decide to move from Germany to America. Because finances are tight, Inga can't afford a plane ticket for Ruski, so she packs her in her suitcase — something that occurs throughout the film as the pair travels around the U.S., from Ashland to New York City.

"It's not depressing," Kate said. "It's hilarious."

Due to their limited budget the girls will create backdrops on location in Ashland to make it appear as though the characters are elsewhere, they said. They plan to start filming as early as next week.

"We're so excited to be really starting," Vicki said. "We're super pumped."

Over the past year, Kate wrote much of the screenplay, which is still in a loose format and could change as filming begins, but Vicki contributed many ideas to the script. They are planning to make the film about an hour long.

Kate, who will be a freshman at Ashland High School this year, will serve as the director of the movie and Vicki, who will be in eighth grade at Ashland Middle School, will act as the assistant director.

Meanwhile, the girls are hanging on to their sign, because they're still looking for "a whole bunch of extras," stunt doubles and one main character — a policeman — for the movie.

"Sometimes people look at us a little funny, like they don't take us seriously," Kate said.

"But we're serious about this," Vicki added. "We're hoping once we've been doing this a little while, people will start taking us seriously."

For more information, call 840-8295 or look for two girls with a cardboard sign downtown.

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