1 arrested as Occupy protesters sleep in park

PORTLAND — Authorities say they have arrested a Portland teenager as they were warning protesters of the Occupy Portland movement about sleeping in a downtown park.

Police and park officers were at Shemanski Park Monday morning and said they issued eight written warnings. The park in a downtown museum, theater and music district is open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The police said 18-year-old Brian Matthew Burlingame wouldn't give his name, was ordered out of the park, and resisted an attempt to detain him. After he was cuffed, the police said, he was booked on charges of trespass, failure to obey a park officer and offensive physical contact.

Several Occupy Portland demonstrators huddled together for warmth in Shemanski Park after police told them to take down tents or be kicked out.

The Oregonian reports the demonstrators agreed to take down a tent to stay in the park Sunday night.

On Saturday night police arrested 19 demonstrators setting up structures in the South Park blocks.

Police evicted demonstrators on Nov. 13 from two downtown parks.

Mayor Sam Adams says he won't allow demonstrators to camp in city parks because of safety concerns.

Occupy Portland says it has joined with other Occupy movements on the West Coast in a mobilization to blockade ports on Dec. 12. Portland says it will show solidarity with Longshore workers it says are fighting a union-busting attempt at a Port of Longview grain terminal.

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