24 harmonicas stolen from 'Broadway Phil'

A thief stole 24 harmonicas and a couple of custom microphones this week from a vehicle belonging to rhythm and blues performer Phil "Broadway Phil" Newton.

Newton believes the theft took place Tuesday while he was at work at Senior & Disability Services, on Northwest Vine Street in Grants Pass, where he is an adult protective services worker.

He didn't notice it until later that night, when he arrived for a set at The G Spot bar and grill in Selma.

"David (musical partner David Pinsky) lent me a harp, and we got through the night," Newton said.

Newton estimated the value of the 24 harmonicas at $38 each. Total loss, including cases, microphones and miscellaneous equipment, was nearly $2,500.

One of the harmonicas, a gift to him, is engraved with the name Lee Oskar of the musical group War.

The two custom-built microphones will be very difficult to replace, Newton said.

"One mic I had the entire time I've been playing music," he said. "The creep doesn't know what he has."

The microphone dates to 1981, when Newton, at the age of 24, "started a blues band."

Newton and Pinsky are scheduled to perform from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight at RoxyAnn Winery, 3285 Hillcrest Road, Medford.

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