5-year-old girl found dead after rape

ROSEBURG — Police have arrested a 16-year-old boy in Roseburg on charges alleging he raped and murdered a 5-year-old girl who shared the home where he sometimes lived with his father.

Police say the teenager was taken to jail Friday on aggravated murder and rape charges after the girls' mother called 911 reporting her daughter was unconscious and not breathing.

Sgt. Aaron Dunbar said officers went to the low-income housing unit early in the morning after the girl's mother, Lydia Dwight, called 911.

Dunbar said the 16-year-old sometimes lived in the duplex that his father shared with the little girl's mother and her two young children, and he also spent time with his mother in the Josephine County community of Hugo.

The News-Review newspaper reported that the girl's father, Tyler Dwight, who lived elsewhere, arrived at the house distraught.

"Where's my daughter at, dude?" he asked another man at the scene. "Where are my kids? Where's my little girl?"

When he approached the house, a police officer told him, "''You can't go in there right now."

Dwight asked a police officer, "Is my little girl alive?"

The officer responded softly, "No."

Two men walked over and put their hands on Dwight's shoulders to comfort him. Roseburg Police Lt. Pat Moore, who had been standing nearby, pulled aside Dwight and talked to him.

Nathan Meyer, the victim's uncle, told the newspaper that family members got a call at 4:30 a.m. from the little girl's mother, who was distraught.

He said she was a sweetheart, filled with energy, very smart, and always happy.

Dunbar said police were not identifying the little girl because she was a victim of a sex crime.

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