A mix of styles at Mix Sweet Shop

Josiah Persons was sitting at a community table outside Mix bakery on Tuesday evening, wearing a hoodie made from discards and a jacket from pieces old and new. The image of Skeletor was taken from bed sheets he had when he was 5 years old. He also creates jewelry by putting together clock parts, gears, springs and typewriter keys.

"I'm a fashion recycler of trash and garbage," said Persons, who worked at a shoe repair shop and learned which glue works best on metal. He collects the pieces into molds and pours resin over them to make jewelry that is both futuristic and antique.

"You might call it 'Steam Punk,'" he suggested.

Clarity Carder, 4, was inside Mix, sipping steamed milk and honey with her father, who explained that his daughter dressed herself. Although shy to talk fashion, Clarity offered this advice: "Wear dresses and skirts "… together."

At the counter, Hanna Wisner looked lovely in a classic black-and-white, polka-dot dress. Her makeup was fresh with liner finely defining her eyes and peachy tones on her cheeks and lips. Her natural strawberry-colored hair was casually worn in a French twist, modern and timeless all at once. Her most stunning accessory were blue cluster earrings that looked like vintage Tiffany glass beads. But she confessed with a smile, "They're from JCP."

— Troy Brown

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