A self-starter from early on

Seven-year-old Sarah Aaronson is taking the Bellview Elementary school reconstruction in stride. Her boundless enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge haven't been dampened by temporary relocation of her second-grade class to the Ashland Middle School campus. The friendly student enjoys sharing her love of learning, and hopes to teach when she grows up. Aaronson's father praises her elementary school for promoting the youngster's academic success.

"From early on, she has been a self-starter. This is a great environment for her. We are so happy she is in Bellview. Mrs. Schlecht and Mrs. Martin are wonderful. Bellview is not about the building, it's about the community and the vision of the teachers and parents to give the children a good foundation for the rest of their lives," said Itai Aaronson. The Daily Tidings talked with Sarah about school and life at a middle school campus.

DT: What are your favorite subjects in school?

SA: My favorites are math and science.

DT: What do you like the most about math and science?

SA: I like to solve problems. In science, I like everything. We wrote down the links of certain dinosaurs in first grade. We haven't really done much science this year yet, but we will.

DT: What do you want to do when you grow up?

SA: I want to be a teacher. I want to teach second or third grade.

DT: All the Bellview students for 2nd grade and up are on the Ashland Middle School campus this year while Bellview is under construction. What is that like for you?

SA: It is so much fun. I was excited when I found out we would be there. When we went to register we got to see where everything was. My mom was a little nervous, but I was never nervous. And even though my sister is in first grade at Rivergate, we can still ride the bus together.

DT: What do you like best about being at AMS?

SA: We get lockers and we get to have music in the big music room. And we get to have our winter recital in the middle school gym.

DT: Do you ever do things with the older kids?

SA: Bellview is in a separate hall, so we don't really do stuff together.

DT: Do you have a big kid buddy, an older child who reads stories or helps with school work?

SA: Yeah, a fourth grader. My buddy's name is Jessica. We play games and our buddies read to us.

DT: What do you like to do outside of school?

SA: I like to do my homework. So far, I've had math homework. We do addition and counting coins.

I also take piano lessons, and Hebrew, and go to the Le Cirque Center.

DT: Talk about the Hebrew class.

SA: It's fun. The last time we had a little party and we had honey cake.

DT: Talk about the Le Cirque classes.

SA: I took it last year, and we just started again this year. We get to wear harnesses and fly around. There is a rock wall and trampolines, and bungee cords. It is so great and so much fun.

DT: Tell us something about your parents that makes you proud.

SA: My mom is a really good mother. Sometimes she picks us up and flips us over when we're playing. We play a lot of games together. And my dad makes great things out of wood. He makes cabinets and doors and shelves, and he made us pencil boxes and bowls. I love my family.

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