A taste of the Islands at Southern Oregon University

Southern Oregon University's Hawai'i Club sponsored a luau Saturday night at McNeal Pavilion.

Dinner started at 5:45 but there must have been lots of food because there were leftovers still on the table at a quarter till 7. There was an ice sculpture of two dolphins and the gym was packed. The show began at 7:15, although there was a little music prior to that which started when I got there a little before 7.

The crowd literally went insane when the dancers showed up, and did not stop screaming. You can see the faces of the dancers ... most of them are either grinning or trying to suppress their smiles, especially the guys. The first dance was very sensual, and one of the last ones was a war dance (men wearing paint on their faces) where they smacked their chests, stuck out their tongues and stamped their feet. The men also did a dance where they wore grass skirts and smacked their chests like they had flies on them (according to the announcer.) There were a lot of dancers, perhaps 20 female and maybe 15 male. A great show for sure.

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