ACH dedicates sycamore

When is a tree not just a tree? When it is a Planetree.

On June 26 the President of the Ashland Community Hospital Board of Directors, Dave Bernard dedicated a new tree outside the front door of Ashland Community Hospital.

This Sycamore is not just any tree; it represents the hospital's recent affiliation with the healthcare organization, Planetree. As the tree that shaded Hippocrates and his medical students in ancient Greece, the Planetree is a symbol for those organizations who have committed to providing patient-centered care.

Personalized healthcare has always been a priority at ACH, according to Bernard, who believes joining the Planetree organization provides a model for taking that care to an even higher level. The Planetree motto to "Personalize, Humanize and Demystify" healthcare is consistent with ACH's goal to encourage patient and family participation in their care, according to a press release. The Planetree model provides a framework for hospitals such as ACH that want to develop programs and systems based on the patient's perspective.

The plaque on the new tree reads, "This Sycamore tree represents the beginning of a journey; as the caregivers of Ashland Community Hospital adopt the Planetree Philosophy to provide Patient-Centered Care in a Healing Environment." One of the Planetree tenets is that all employees in the hospital are recognized as caregivers and appreciated for the influence they have on the patient experience.

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