AHS alum awarded $25,000 for research

Ashland Hign School 2005 alum Lisa Chung has been awarded a $25,000 scholarship to pursue a one-year independent research project outside the United States through the Thomas J. Watson Foundation.

Chung, a senior at Oberlin College in Ohio, hopes to engage with the world's leading electronic artists and become an active part of the growing community surrounding technology-based art through her project.

"I imagine my Watson year will take me out of my comfort zone in ways that I currently can't anticipate," Chung said. "But I think some nervousness is a good thing; it will keep me on my toes.

Chung's project, "The Medium and the Message: Mapping Electronic Art Around the Globe," will enable her to explore the methods by which artists, composers, engineers, and programmers from all over the world connect through technology-based sound and art projects.

In her travels to Brazil, China, Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands, Chung hopes to uncover the extent of both the global community of electronic artists and of the diverse field of electronic art itself.

"A mixed culture of idealism and skepticism has long surrounded popular views of technology, yet it's important to remember the human aspect: technology inherently contains the imperfections and idiosyncrasies of the people who created it," Chung said.

"Each city I'll be visiting — Sao Paulo, Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, and Amsterdam — has a unique relationship to electronic art. Sao Paulo has a tradition of more do-it-yourself, politically driven artistic movements that often deal with the theme of democratizing technology. Beijing's art scene is younger and has begun to receive an increasing amount of international attention in the last few years, whereas Amsterdam has several generations of artists and mature organizations."

Established in 1968 by the children of Thomas J. Watson Sr., the founder of International Business Machines Corporation, the Watson fellowships are awarded to 40 college seniors at participating schools each year to provide them with opportunities to test their own abilities and to develop an awareness of the different cultures of the world.

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