AHS nominates Pear Blossom Princess Mieger

Ashland High School senior Simona Mieger is a girl who knows what she wants, says her voice teacher Ellie Murray.

Mieger will represent AHS in the upcoming Pear Blossom Festival Pageant, competing for a $2,000 college scholarship to help her get what she wants &

which includes studying foreign languages, interior design and psychology at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash.

"I could go to a more prestigious school, but I couldn't have gotten the education that I wanted," Mieger said.

At Evergreen State, she can design her own major, which will include languages, interior design and psychology. Speaking multiple languages and traveling has always been a part of her life, and she wants foreign cultures to be a part of her future career, whether it is traveling and teaching children or helping businesses open new offices in foreign countries.

Mieger was born in Germany, moved to the United States when she was six, and so far, she has added studies in Spanish, French and Russian to her native German and English. She also sings in Italian and Latin.

"If you know the language where you are traveling, the experience is so much more fulfilling," she said, and she would like to help others discover that thrill.

Mieger also dreams of creating positive surroundings for people by integrating psychology with interior design, similar to the Chinese design philosophy of feng shui.

She was one of three Amigo Club princesses who traveled to Guanajuato last summer, and she serves as a lieutenant governor of the Key Club, organizing conferences for all Rogue Valley chapters.

Whether or not she wins the scholarship, Mieger said the pageant will be a good experience, giving her the chance to practice her public speaking skills and answering impromptu questions, the main categories she will be judged in, along with her activities.

"It's been so much fun to watch her blossom into a beautiful young woman, and she's very talented," said Murray, who has taught Mieger for three years. "It's a pleasure to work with her."

Simona is the daughter of William and Margarete Mieger.

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