AHS seeks volunteer counselors

Ashland High School is reaching out to mental health professionals to help with a counseling program at the campus health center. Mental health professionals are invited to an Ashland Student Assistance Program orientation meeting at 1:30 p.m., Monday, at the Ashland High School main office.

This is the sixth year for the ASAP program. Last year the participating volunteer counselors were Scott Bandoroff, Camille Bianco, Sarah Collard, Pam Derby, Sheri Harding, Phil Lang, Bill McMillan, Leon Pyle, Joan Spears, and Jo Wayles. Ashland High School students benefited from hundreds of sessions with these volunteer counselors and therapists.

ASAP counselors help students with a variety of personal and family mental health concerns, including depression, eating disorders, body image, self-esteem, sexuality and substance use and abuse issues.

Students are referred to the ASAP counseling program from a variety of sources, including self-referral, parents, teachers, administrators, academic counselors and health center staff. ASAP therapists meet on campus with the students for counseling sessions and may make referrals for off campus services.

The ideal volunteer commitment is 2 hours per week of regular on-campus office hours for one semester (September through January, or February through early June). The rewards are:


162; Public recognition for volunteer services;


162; An opportunity for the therapist to become better known by the school community (staff, students and parents);


162; Satisfaction of assisting young people and their families at a critical period in their lives.

For more information, call 482-8771 to speak with Don Valentini, ext. 106 (don.valentini@ashland.k12.or.us), or Glenna Stiles, ext. 109 (glenna.stiles@ashland.k12.or.us).

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