Ambulance fees will rise 40 percent

Jackson County's Board of Commissioners today approved a fee hike for Ashland Fire and Rescue, allowing it to charge patients $899.78 per trip and eliminating its basic, lower-priced service.

Going to the single-tier charge — and using all-paramedic staff — allows the agency to increase needed revenue and bill Medicare for higher reimbursement, said County Administrator Danny Jordan.

Previously, the agency offered basic service for $646.72 per trip. The single-tier rate is almost 40 percent more.

In addition to the new per-ride charge, Ashland Fire and Rescue will raise its mileage rate from $10 to $14 per mile.

That is a "significant increase," said Jordan, but he noted that the agency hasn't increased its per-mile fee since 1996.

There was no testimony from the public on the increase, and the vote was unanimous.

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