Arrests made in Medford drive-by shooting

Medford police arrested two men Tuesday evening who they suspect were involved in Monday's drive-by shooting upon a carload of four teenage girls and two males near the South Medford High School.

Police say a passenger in the suspect vehicle reportedly leaned outside the passenger window and fired several rounds from a small-caliber rifle through the windshield of the victim's vehicle. None of the people fired upon were struck.

Gerardo Reyes, 20, of Talent was arrested around 10 p.m. while he was seated inside a vehicle in the YMCA parking lot on West 6th Street, said Medford police Lt. Tim Doney.

His brother German Reyes Real, 18, of Talent was arrested about 11 p.m. in Talent after police spotted him parking his tan 1992 Mercury Marquis on Talent Avenue and walking around in the neighborhood. Police impounded the vehicle they suspect was involved in the shooting incident.

Detectives with the Medford police, Jackson County Sheriff's Department and officers assigned to the Medford police's Gang and Street Drug Unit followed up on leads developed during the course of the investigation.

Doney said, "We talked to a lot of people yesterday &

pounding the pavement and knocking on a lot of doors. That's what led to these arrests."

He also said two males were in the victim's vehicle, along with the four teenaged girls, but their ages are unknown at this time.

Investigators believe that Reyes was the driver and Real was the shooter. Some of the involved individuals in the incident are believed to be gang members or associates of the Surenos and Nortenos gangs, said Doney.

He said the police department noticed the incidents of local entrenched gang activity between the Surenos and Nortenos gangs starting to spike in December 2007.

"Mostly fist fights, but it has been escalating," said Doney. "But when things like this happen, it's a big deal."

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