Ashland’s Montgomery a defensive MVP

Ashland High linebacker Mason Montgomery shared defensive Most Valuable Player honors with Springfield's Taylor Travess and picked up two of Ashland's six first-team nods, being recognized for both his offensive and defensive prowess as the Midwestern League all-conference team was announced earlier this week.

Montgomery, fellow linebacker Austin Chandler and defensive back RJ Atteberry were first-team picks for the Grizzlies' defense, while Montgomery (center), Atteberry (receiver) and running back Jon Volz were first-team selections on offense.

Eagle Point picked up two first-team nods for senior linebacker Caleb Ash and senior offensive guard Ryan Marsh.

Marist senior defensive back Austin Baird was named the league's MVP for the second year in a row and also shared the offensive MVP award with teammate Kam Smith, a senior quarterback.

Five Grizzlies also earned second-team all-MWL honors: offensive guard Juan Carlos Gutierrez, receiver Quaid Walters, kicker Matt Hedges, defensive lineman Joe Hearn and Volz at defensive back.

Volz led the Grizzlies with 510 yards rushing and four touchdowns. Atteberry had a team-high 38 catches for 804 yards and 10 touchdowns. Volz and Atteberry also led the Grizzlies with three interceptions apiece.

The Grizzlies' season ended with a 42-7 first-round playoff loss to West Albany last week.

All-MWL Football



C — Mason Montgomery, Ashland, Jr.

G — Ryan Marsh, Eagle Point, Sr.; Korey Thompson, Marist, Jr.

T — Tyler Johnson, Willamette, Sr.; Will Dawson, Churchill, Sr.

WR — RJ Atteberry, Ashland, Sr.; Josh Harper, Marist, Sr.; Jon Emerald, Springfield, Sr.; Andrew Bennion, Churchill, Sr.

TE — Bryce York, Willamette, Sr.

RB — Jon Volz, Ashland, Sr.; Austin Baird, Marist, Sr.

QB — Kam Smith, Marist, Sr.

PK — Ian Boozer, Churchill, Sr.

SPECIAL TEAMS — Austin Baird, Marist, Sr.


DL — Will Dawson, Churchill, Sr.; Josh Harper, Marist, Sr.; Korey Thompson, Marist, Jr.; Bryan Stanwood, Springfield, Sr.

LB — Mason Montgomery, Ashland, Jr.; Cody King, Marist, Jr; Austin Chandler, Ashland, Sr.; Caleb Ash, Eagle Point, Sr.; LaTrell Tinsley, Springfield, Jr.

DB — RJ Atteberry, Ashland, Sr.; Andrew Bennion, Churchill, Sr.; Austin Baird, Marist, Sr.; Taylor Travess, Springfield, Jr.

P — Ian Boozer, Churchill, Sr.

PLAYER OF THE YEAR — Austin Baird, Marist, Sr.

MVP OFFENSE — Kam Smith, Marist, Sr.; Austin Baird, Marist, Sr.

MVP DEFENSE — Taylor Travess, Springfield, Jr.; Mason Montgomery, Ashland, Jr.

COACH OF THE YEAR — Frank Geske, Marist; Dave Heuberger, Springfield.



C — Bryan Stanwood, Springfield, Sr.

G — Juan Carlos Gutierrez, Ashland, Sr.; Hayden Zimmerman, Marshfield, Sr.; Elijah Gelman, Springfield, Sr.; Skyler Phillips, Churchill, Sr.

T — Rick Pedersen, Eagle Point, Jr.; Clark Morton, Marist, Jr.; Hunter Hastings, Springfield, Jr.

WR — Johnny Dawson, North Eugene, Sr.; Dylan Piquette, Springfield, Sr.; Quaid Walters, Ashland, Sr.; Jacob McAvoy, Marshfield, Sr.

RB — Jakob Combs, Eagle Point, Sr.; Caleb Ash, Eagle Point, Sr.; Andrew Park, Marist, Jr.

QB — Trever Watson, Springfield, Sr.; Mitch Reese, Churchill, Sr.

PK — Matt Hedges, Ashland, Jr.


DL — Joe Hearn, Ashland, Jr.; Daulton Hankins, Churchill, Jr.; Taylor Vos, Churchill, Sr.; Ryan Marsh, Eagle Point, Sr.

LB — Gavin Cowles, Churchill, Sr.; Tyler Johnson, Willamette, Sr.; Weston LaMora, Churchill, Sr.; Alex Brown, Marshfield, Jr.

DB — Jon Volz, Ashland, Sr.; Kyle Zerger, Eagle Point, Sr.; Seth Arena, Eagle Point, Jr.; Tyler Ritnour, Springfield, Sr.

P — Riley McCool, North Eugene, Sr.



C — Eric Hammersmith, Marist, Sr.; Nick Swanson, Willamette, Jr.; Bill Fields, Marshfield, Jr.

G — Dante Castille, Marist, Jr.; Dalton Pachano, North Eugene, Sr.; Aaron Marsh, Eagle Point, Sr.

T — Cody Eisenberg, Ashland, Jr.; Austin Holmes, Eagle Point, Jr.; Wesley Baeur, Marshfield, Sr.; Kevin Hasse, North Eugene, Sr.; Daulton Hankins, Churchill, Jr.; Jordan Haas, Springfield, Sr.

WR — Mike Monroy, Churchill, Jr.; Carlos Flores, Eagle Point, Jr.; Liam Henshaw, Marist, Jr.; Austin Owen, Marist, Jr.

RB — Austin Chandler, Ashland, Sr.; Alex Brown, Marshfield, Jr.; Sam Aguirre, Willamette, So.; Tyler Reid, Churchill, Jr.

QB — Connor Kaegi, Ashland, Sr.; Danial White, Ashland, Jr.; Jorge Quintero, Eagle Point, Jr.

PK — Tyler Dennis, Marist, Sr.; Ashton Summers, Springfield, Sr.


DL — Tyree Heesacker, Ashland, Jr.; Brandon Vaughan, Ashland, Sr.; Jakob Combs, Eagle Point, Sr.; Austin Holmes, Eagle Point, Jr.; Bryson Baker, Eagle Point, Jr.; Ryan Hodges, North Eugene, Jr.; Kevin Roberts, Willamette, So.; Terrence Benson, Springfield, Jr.; Ethan Smith, Marist, Jr.; Ty Manilla, Springfield, Jr.

LB — Ashur Beasly, Ashland, Jr.; Peyton Dole, Eagle Point, Jr.; Jacob McAvoy, Marshfield, Sr.; Jet Taylor, Marist, Sr.; Bryce York, Willamette, Sr.; Donnie York, Willamette, So.; Elijah Gelman, Springfield, Sr.; Brenden Nesbitt, Churchill, Jr.; Cameran Jack, Marist, Jr.; Andrew Brown, North Eugene, Jr.; Taylor Brown, Willamette, So.

DB — Ryan Trivett, Churchill, Sr.; Robby Schell, Churchill, Sr.; Jesse Sattler, Eagle Point, Sr.; Kaelen Byrum, Marist, Sr.; Tate Parmenter, Springfield, Sr.

P — Brandon Wilson, Eagle Point, Sr.; Austin Owen, Marist, Jr.; Dylan Piquette, Springfield, Sr.

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