Ashland Grizzlies T-shirt Giveaway!

So, you want an Ashland Grizzlies t-shirt? Well, all you have to do is ask for one. It's that easy!

But there are a couple of requirements to make the request.

1. Join and create a profile with your real photo.

2. Tell us why you should get one of these great Ashland Grizzlies t-shirts.

That's it. We have a limited number of t-shirts to give away. So, if you're quick, you can get one easily. If you wait, you'll be considered for a t-shirt against all the others who waited until our supplies were drained. We'll read your comments on and determine if your reason for wanting an Ashland Grizzlies t-shirt is the most convincing.

When our supplies get low, we'll post a warning on to announce we have only a few t-shirts left to give away. So, don't delay. Get your t-shirt today!

Just create your profile at, upload your profile photo and tell us why you want a t-shirt. We'll respond to your pitch with an invitation to come into our office and receive your t-shirt. (We'll check your face against your profile photo, so be sure to upload a profile pic on

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