Ashland Police & Fire Reports

Saturday 3:07 p.m. &

Police arrested an 18-year-old Talent man at Market of Choice for stealing a burrito and a cream cheese packet. Police put him in Jackson County Jail.

Saturday 12:54 p.m. &

Police reported that a unknown adult female stole a $175 multicolored flowered dress from Nimbus.

Saturday 4:05 a.m. &

Police took an adult to Rogue Valley Medical Center for self-inflicted wounds at 7-Eleven.

Saturday 2:46 a.m. &

Police went to a disorderly conduct call initiated by a large group of people engaged in fighting, violent and tumultuous behavior on the streets of East Main and Oak.

Saturday 1:15 a.m. &

Police went to a call at Peerless Bistro for an unknown suspect(s) attempting to remove cash from the register. Police report that the suspent(s) did not take or damage anything.

Saturday 12:22 a.m. &

Police cited a 27-year-old Ashland woman for loud noise at her house, located on the 200 Block of N. First St., during a party she was having. Police report that over 40 people were at the home when they arrived.

Saturday midnight &

Police reported that someone tipped over a port-a-potty on the 500 Block of B St. Police reported that the port-a-potty was then moved into the middle of the road, where all of its contents spilled. The port-a-potty received minor damage. Police report no suspects at this time.

Friday 11:10 p.m. &

Police cited a 22-year-old Ashland man for loud noise at his home, located on the 100 Block of Garfield St., during a large party.

Friday 10:57 p.m. &

Police arrested a 26-year-old Ashland man for driving under the influence of alcohol, careless driving and reckless endangering on the streets of East Main and Garfield. The suspect was released.

Friday 3:34 p.m. &

Police arrested a 37-year-old transient man after he turned himself in for an active warrant he had against him from Lane County. The warrant was for charges of delivering marijuana. The man was transported to Jackson County Jail.

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