Ashland Police & Fire Reports

Monday 6:37 p.m. &

Police filed a report from a woman who said her bike was vandalized while chained to the bicycle rack at Bi-Mart. Police reported that there is no suspect or witness, and there is $150 in damage done to the bike.

Monday 6:15 p.m. &

Police brought a found dog to Animal Control in Talent. The dog is a black and gray shepherd with no tags. Police said they found the dog on the 500 block of N. Main St.

Monday 3:47 p.m. &

Police reported that a truck hit a parked vehicle on the 1500 block of Oregon Street causing $1,500 in damage to the parked vehicle.

Monday 2:53 p.m. &

Police cited a female juvenile for theft of two lip balm items at Market of Choice. The juvenile was released.

Monday 12:58 p.m. &

Police cited a 19-year-old California woman for theft at Market of Choice. The woman was released.

Friday 2:48 p.m. &

Police filed a complaint from a woman on the 600 block of Liberty St., the location of where her truck tires were slashed with a knife anytime from June 10 to June 11. The woman said she knows who the suspect is. Police are investigating the complaint at this time.

Friday 12:58 p.m. &

Police reported that there is a turquoise KHS mountain bike at North Mountain Park Nature Center.

Friday 12:41 a.m. &

Police reported that there was black spray paint on two different areas at the Skateboard Park, located at 230 Water St.

Friday 12:10 a.m. &

Police filed a report from a North Mountain Park Nature Center employee who reported that someone broke into the Nature Center concession stand and stole concession stand goods. Police reported that there is $200 done in damage from the unknown suspect who burglarized and stole.

Friday 4:09 a.m. &

Police cited a 19-year-old Ashland woman for driving under the influence of intoxicants. The woman was later released.

Friday 12:45 a.m. &

Police cited a 19-year-old man on the Southern Oregon University campus for being in possession of alcohol as a minor.

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