Ashland Police & Fire Reports

Monday 10:51 a.m. &

Police cited a 35-year-old Berkeley, Calif., man for stealing $15 worth of merchandise from Bi-Mart.

Sunday 1:46 p.m. &

Maizey's, a store on Pioneer Street, reported that a window was broken.

Sunday 1:38 a.m. &

Police cited a woman who hosted a keg party on the 300 block of Wimer Street for making too much noise.

Sunday 12:10 a.m. &

Police cited a Crocker Street resident for hosting a loud party.

Saturday 12:18 a.m. &

A Nob Hill resident reported that her house was covered with toilet paper.

Saturday 6:31 p.m. &

Police are investigating a theft of $1,500 worth of marijuana from a house on the 400 block of Normal Street. A neighbor saw two male juveniles running from the house with two garbage bags.

Friday 11:50 p.m. &

Police cited two men for skateboarding on East Main Street.

Friday 11:05 p.m. &

Police cited a 22-year-old woman for providing alcohol to a minor.

Friday 10:04 p.m. &

Police confiscated several items containing marijuana residue after responding to a loud party in the Ashland area.

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