Ashland Police & Fire Reports

Police and Fire Reports

Wednesday 6 a.m. &

The owner of a car parked on the 500 block of Catalina Drive reported a theft of $75 worth of property.

Friday 8:15 a.m. &

The owner of an unlocked car parked on the 900 block of Tolman Creek Road reported a theft of $180 worth of property.

Friday 8:36 a.m. &

A broken window was reported at Briscoe Elementary.

Friday 8:42 a.m. &

Police cited two transient men for open containers of alcohol in Lithia Park.

Friday 2:54 p.m. &

Police arrested a 19-year-old Ashland girl for shoplifting a tube of lip balm from Market of Choice.

Friday 10:20 p.m. &

Police arrested a 32-year-old Medford man for selling, manufacturing and possessing heroin. Police observed the sale at Minute Mart North then found 17 grams of heroin on the man.

Friday 11:54 p.m. &

Police arrested a juvenile female for using false identification and resisting arrest at Tabu and the Vinyl Club. Another female with her was arrested for interfering with a police officer.

Saturday 2:36 a.m. &

Police transported a woman to detox because she was too intoxicated to care for herself. She was reported by residents on the 700 block of Iowa Street after she walked into their house.

Saturday 6 a.m. &

A burglary was reported on the 900 block of Glendale Avenue. Stolen items include a computer with printer, digital camera and Nintendo 64.

Saturday 9 a.m. &

A woman reported that her house and car on the 100 block of Nob Hill were egged the night before. This was the fourth incident of egging or toilet-papering in three weeks at her home.

Saturday 1:16 p.m. &

A woman reported a laptop, skateboard and two college textbooks stolen from her vehicle on the 200 block of Sheridan Street.

Saturday 1:45 p.m. &

Police cited a woman for leaving her dog inside a parked car under high temperatures and without potable water.

Saturday 4:01 p.m. &

Police cited a 23-year-old Medford man for driving with a suspended license due to failing a breath test.

Saturday 11:10 p.m. &

A laptop was reported stolen from the zero block of Garfield Street.

Saturday 11:34 p.m. &

Police responded to a noise complaint at the 700 block of Normal Avenue and cited a minor for possession of alcohol.

Sunday 2:46 a.m. &

Police arrested a 29-year-old Ashland woman for driving under the influence of alcohol on North Main Street near Nursery Street.

Sunday 2:05 p.m. &

A man reported a transient man trespassing on his property on the 300 block of Oak Street. The homeowner had allowed the man to sleep on his porch but later refused to leave. Police transported the transient to the detox facility because he was too intoxicated to care for himself.

Sunday 11:56 p.m. &

Police cited a juvenile female for possession of alcohol by consumption.

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