Ashland Police & Fire Reports

Tuesday, 1:17a.m. &

Police heard reports of a fight in the area of the plaza. A male and female were seen on E. Main St near Pioneer St who matched the description of the people involved in the fight. The male appeared intoxicated, he then got into a truck and drove. Male was stopped on E. Main St near First St for suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants, disorderly conduct and for traffic violations. He consented to filed sobriety tests and showed inpairment. Male was arrested for DUII. He was cited and released.

Tuesday, 2:20a.m. &

Police arrive to the sound of loud explosive noises at 90 N. Mountain Ave, while checking the area, damage to a City of Ashand police car parked near the city shops. An unknown suspect(s) opened the gas cap cover and placed what appeared to be dirt and other objects in the gas tank. No evidence was found that the expolisve noise and the vandalism were related.

Tuesday, 3:20a.m. &

Police responded to the parking lot of Greensprings Dorms on Wightman St for vandalism to a parked car. Southern Oregon University Security requested Ashland Police Department assistance with the investigation. An unknown suspect(s) spray painted a vehicle with silver and red spray paint.

Tuesday, 8:15a.m. &

Police responded to a report of an assault that occurred on Romeo Drive 10 minutes earlier. Case is under investigation.

Tuesday, 12p.m. &

Police responded to a report of a 3-vehicle, non injury moving vehicle collision on Normal and Siskiyou blvd. It was determinedthat vehicle

3 rear-ended vehicle

2 and pushed it into vehicle

1, which was stopped to make a turn onto Normal Avenue. The driver of vehicle

3 was cited for following too closely, and the driver of vehicle

2 was cited for driving while suspended.

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