Ashland police catch up to suspected thieves hauling two stolen bikes

A family of Medfordites was cited by Ashland police on theft charges after they reportedly snatched a police department bike carrying electronic tracking equipment Wednesday evening.

Judith Thorndike, 51; Trevor Thorndike, 22; and Anna Thorndike, 20, were each charged with first-degree theft and conspiracy to commit first-degree theft after allegedly stealing a decoy bike belonging to the Ashland Police Department, Deputy Chief Corey Falls said.

Police found the department's "bait" bike, which they place along streets to attract thieves, strapped to a bike rack on the back of the Thorndikes' vehicle, Falls said.

Further investigation revealed that there was a second stolen bicycle strapped to the Thorndikes' bike rack, Falls said. The total value of the two bikes adds up to more than $1,000, he said.

"I don't even know what to say," Falls said. "When we caught them with our bike, they had another bike attached to the vehicle.

"We want bike thieves to know that we have this bike out there, so don't come steal bikes in Ashland."

Falls said the second stolen bike had been pilfered from the Southern Oregon University campus, near the Hannon Library. It was recovered before it had even been reported stolen and police are still trying to find the rightful owner.

Anyone who had a bike stolen from that area should contact Ashland police or campus security, officials said.

— Sam Wheeler

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