Ashland will study banning plastic shopping bags

The Ashland City Council unanimously voted Tuesday night to direct the Ashland Conservation Commission to study a proposal to ban plastic shopping bags in town and develop a recommendation for the council.

Mayor John Stromberg said he wants the Conservation Commission to get input from Ashland merchants who have already voluntarily eliminated plastic bags from their stores.

At least four Ashland grocery stores — Albertsons, the Ashland Food Co-op, Shop'n Kart and Market of Choice — have cut plastic bags from their stores.

Councilor Greg Lemhouse said he would like the commission to thoroughly flesh out the pros and cons of a plastic bag ban and present those findings to the council.

Portland-based Environment Oregon launched a campaign on Monday to persuade councilors to ban plastic shopping bags.

The group helped win bans in Portland, Eugene and Corvallis.

— Vickie Aldous

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