Ashland writer wins national award

"What Do You See?" by Ashland author and publisher Irene Kai, received the National Freedom Fighter Award at BookExpo America in New York City. The Freedom Fighter Award highlights an Outstanding Book of The Year "...for the book that best promotes freedom of speech, religion or racial tolerance."

"Peace is obtainable when we understand our own cultural and personal bias. When we have more understanding of who we are, maybe we will be more willing to accept others' differences," stated Kai. "The book serves as a mirror for the readers to look deeper into themselves." With engaging, provocative, and sometimes erotic images of the human body, "What Do You See?" asks this question: Do you have the courage to see the truth?

"'What Do You See?' helped inspire the creation of this new awards category," said Jim Barnes, managing editor and awards director of independent publisher. "It's an honor to recognize and reward these amazing books being published in an effort to bring peace to the planet and to preserve freedom and human dignity. Independent publishers are truly changing the world, one book at a time."

This book showcases the black and white photographs, as well as text from four spiritual traditions to encourage self-reflection and the abandonment of presumptions and to challenge the reader's personal biases.

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