Ashlanders look for 'everyday genius'

Are you an Everyday Genius? According to Susan Perkins and David MacKenzie of Everyday Wonder Productions, "an Everyday Genius is anyone who is discovering unexpected and creative ways to triumph in this economy. These people are literally creating a new economy for the 21st century."

Perkins and MacKenzie are hitting the road for a year, traveling throughout America in a specially equipped homestudio on wheels RV. Along the way, they will produce a series of three- to five-minute films and they already have the first two in production, featuring Rogue Valley companies.

Pavati Marine in White City and Rogue Valley Creamery in Central Point are the subject of short documentary films, soon to air on

"Greatness is not about the size of a company," says MacKenzie, "it's about the spirit of innovation in action, a modern version of the 'can do' legacy that built this country and is still alive in creative individuals who refuse to quit."

The Everyday Wonder Productions fifth wheel pulled out of Ashland early on July 5, first stop Point Reyes, Calif. They will arrive in time to prepare for the San Francisco premiere of their documentary, "The Trouble with Normal."

"Across the country, everyday people are inventing the future of America," Perkins said. "Our job is to find them and tell their stories. We aren't just looking for celebrities or CEOs. Some of the best stories are about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We believe there is actually plenty of success in this country right now, but we just don't hear about it often enough. We plan to change that."

Mackenzie, a Canadian who's lived in the U.S. for 22 years, and Perkins, an American whose roots go back to the Mayflower, formed Everyday Wonder six years ago and combine 30-plus years of production experience. Their skills have earned them an international clientele including Vogue, Texas Instruments, Girl Scouts of America and British Columbia Health Care.

Ashlanders will be able to follow The Next US Tour with regular updates in the Daily Tidings and anyone can visit their Web site,, follow their blog or Twitter.

"We're looking for people who are finding ways to thrive in the midst of extreme hardship," Perkins said. "Mainstream media ignores them. People who embody our new president's vision for a prosperous America, individuals with integrity and big ideas, who play fair in the market place: That's who we are looking for. That's who we want to champion in our films."

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