The Ashland Police Department is joining with the Ashland Daily Tidings to bring you a new, weekly, "Ask APD" column. Nearly everyone at APD answers citizen questions every day they work. Many times we wish that we had a way to share the answers with more than just the person who asked. This will be the place to do that. I would like to answer a variety of questions, so start sending them my way.

Since we don't have our first question yet, I'll take this opportunity to share a new resource: The Ashland Police Department is now reporting Ashland area law enforcement activity to this site, which allows you to see what police are responding to in your neighborhood.

The information is updated every 24 hours and the site is very user-friendly. Just enter Ashland, OR for the location at the top of the page to get started.

Please submit your questions to I look forward to reading and answering them.

Have information you want to alert APD to but don't want to talk to an officer? Call the APD Anonymous Tip Line at 552-2333

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