Assessing both sides of the aisle

I am much warmed by the Iowa results. Obama is the man of the hour, and his achievement certainly has all eyes focused on Hew Hampshire. I'm pleased to hear of the "hope" word resonating with previously reserved voters, like the African American community, and the young. And the "change" word is taking on shades of new meaning for all candidates. Now all candidates want to wear the "change" mantle.

Huckabee is a wonderful phenomenon, one that is not easily categorized. I love his anti-corporate message, and the kind of Christianity that is good. I'm very much a non-believer of "God cast in the intolerant image of man," but my values of forgiveness and sharing, caring, tolerance are totally Christian. I'm encouraged by that face of Christianity showing up in our main stream politics.

Romney certainly got mugged by the voters, deservedly so I think. I agree with the view that this opens the door wide for McCain. A McCain, Huckabee ticket sounds possible, the best of the republican field. I don't agree with McCain's war stance, but I attribute it to wanting to inherit the Bush wing of the party.

Huckabee is shedding light on the paradigm shift the Republican Party needs to experience merely to survive. I expect his influence to be very interesting, if not profound, on the remaining Republican candidates. This is such a positive development to me, and maybe just as big as the embracing of Obama.

And where will Hillary be? I think she would make an excellent president, and be partisan enough to take back what the Republicans under Bush have stolen. Obama would not be that frontal, and those slippery Republicans are so good at stopping change.

I like the showing Edwards got from Iowa. I'm glad his more strident message is still a strong current. Is he destined to be a running mate? I can't see him or Barrack running with Hillary. Too much fissile energy. But Obama and Edwards sounds very possible and pretty strong. I am amazed at the early indications of Republicans considering Obama.

I think the Republican party is ripe to be led in new directions. What a bright outlook.

Jerry Nutter

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