Bad Film Society goes all post-apocalyptic

Humanity is reduced to a starving remnant at The Bad Film Society on Sunday, March 15 at 6 p.m. downstairs in The Ashland Elks' Dungeon!

The feature will be "The New Barbarians," the worst '80s Italian post-apocalyptic action film ever made. It's a cheesy Max Max rip-off with lousy special effects, supremely bad dubbed dialogue, ham-fisted non-stop mayhem, outrageously ridiculous '80s New Wave fetish hairdos and costumes and ramshackle custom dune buggies and golf carts and. It stars Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, the NFL football hero, star of countless blaxploitation films and spokesman of King Cobra malt liquor ("Don't let the smooth taste fool you").

The sound effects for everything from the vehicles to the weapons sound like something whipped up on a cheap Radio Shack keyboard. And everything makes a noise in this film, EVERYTHING. It's beep, blat, whee, whiz, and a thousand other sounds from start to finish. The future is, if nothing else, a rather noisy place. By the way, in the post apocalyptic future, if you're having trouble with your automobile due to engine problems, check under the hood for body parts ... just a word of advice.

'Tiger Woman'

Also stay tuned the first chapter of the 1944 serial, "Tiger Woman." Evil oil speculators in South America attempt to drive away an exotic tribe and their hot queen, the Tiger Woman "¦ but she's a white woman and might be the lost heiress to a vast fortune! Actually The Tiger Woman wore a leopard-spotted outfit because the studio couldn't find any tiger patterned fabric.

Members should bring some great food for a scrumptious potluck dinner before the feature. Some bottom feeders just come for the great food.

For information see The entrance to the Ashland Elks is on Will Dodge Way, the alley between E. Main and Lithia Way and First and Second streets. You'll see the "Elks Dining" sign. The private Elks parking lot will be open for use. To park, enter on Second Street. There is a $3 donation requested to cover the costs of the room rental and supplies.

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