Bad Film Society presents flick fest

In what organizers call a shameless attempt to exploit the acclaim of the Ashland Independent Film Festival, The Bad Film Society will present The Ashland Co-Dependent Film Festival on Sunday, April 6, at 6 p.m. at the Ashland Elks Dungeon.

The main feature will be the incredibly chintzy "The Giant Spider Invasion," which had a short run at drive-in theaters in 1975. When a meteor (or is it a flying saucer made out of a paper plate?) crashes down in rural Wisconsin, it causes an attack of man-eating spiders. The theatrical poster showed a spider big enough to crush big city buildings.

In the film, the main "giant spider" is a fur-covered VW Bug driven in reverse so the red tail lights serve as the monster's glowing eyes. A few other "giant spiders" are puppets about the size of dogs.

The cast is made up of has-been B-movie and TV actors like Alan Hale, Jr., best known as the Skipper of "Gilligan's Island;" Barbara Hale, best known as Perry Mason's loyal secretary, Della Street; and Steve Brodie from "The Wild World of Batwoman."

The evening will begin with some daffy and unusual shorts sure to please and bewilder.

Following the first film, stay tuned for the seventh episode of the serial "The Lost Planet" from 1953. On par with an Ed Wood movie, it's considered the worst serial ever made, with unintentionally hilarious dialogue like "How are we going to find it"&

166;it's the Lost Planet." It was the last sci-fi serial ever made"&

166;for good reason.

Bring your trashy old videos for door prizes in our humiliating and hilarious raffle.

The entrance to the Ashland Elks Dungeon is on Will Dodge Way (the alley between E. Main and Lithia Way and 1st and 2nd streets.)

You'll see the "Elks Dining" sign. The private Elks parking lot will be open for use.

To park, enter on 2nd St. There is a $3 donation requested to cover the costs of the room rental and supplies.

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