Bees swarm on Ashland's Calle Guanajuato

Beekeeper Floyd Pawlowski feeds hungry, angry bees sugar water to calm them down.

Angry mass of bees swarms along the wall next to the creek. Passersby watch the beekeeper work to gather the bees into a box.

Closeup view of beekeeper at work. Interested young men (one wearing motorcycle helmet) watch. Bee gets inside helmet.

More patrons stop to watch bees and beekeeper. Beekeeper explains bee habits to interested ladies.

Beekeeper explains the effects of smoke on bees.

Woman with children joins other onlookers watching the beekeeper feed the bees and move the queen into the box in order to get others to follow.

Beekeeper cleans up final few bees. Swarm is captured in box.

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