Being sheltered isn’t a good thing for teen; Finance ruling will silence the citizens; Keep Hannah’s tradition going; Where were the media for Dotterrer?

Being sheltered isn't a good thing for teen

I am supposed to write here, about something I am upset about or that has angered me in recent events, either local or national.

However, as I sit here at the computer trying to think of something that has had some effect on me I come to a blank. I can't think of a single recent event that has provoked neither good nor bad thoughts. I feel so disengaged from the world because I don't spend my time sitting on the Internet reading about the news or watching it on television. I feel like Ashland has sheltered me from a lot of what's happening in the world and the only news I hear these days are little trickles of information from something my mother heard in California.

So I guess something that I'm upset about is my lack of knowledge of the world outside of Ashland. I mean, how many teenagers do you know from here that really pay attention to world issues other than the ones their parents blabber on to them about? I don't know too many. I can't really tell if this is specific to my generation or if this is just what happens in the teenage years of apathy, but I think more of us should open up to what's happening around us and listen to stories so that we can develop our own opinions about things instead of just reiterating what our parents tell us.

Hannah Hart


Finance ruling will silence the citizens

I would like to express my disapproval of the recent Supreme Court ruling that voided the ban on direct corporate spending around elections. This ruling gives unlimited and unrestricted corporate financing of our elections. I feel that this is a grave mistake for our country and will allow the corporate companies to own the elections.

Big corporations should not be married to the government. This decision could ruin democracy for the United States, something we are so proud of and try to impose on other countries. How can our country possibly impose democracy as an effective form of government on other countries if our own country has a failing or corrupt democracy?

I believe this decision could potentially be looked at as one of the biggest mistakes of the century.

The first amendment of our constitution is broad and can be viewed many different ways but I don't see how corporations should be treated exactly like people and hold the very same free speech rights. With corporations spending more than they already do on campaign funding, they will be abridging on citizens' free speech rights "¦ by drowning them out.

Alaina Lehrburger


Keep Hannah's tradition going

It was almost five years ago that a young girl walked into my office asking if she could provide a table of Valentine goodies for our residents. She was going to do all of the baking herself. I was thrilled and gladly accepted.

Over the years, Hannah's table grew more beautiful and exciting with the many treats she created herself. As always, the goodies disappeared very fast! Some of the local merchants were gracious enough to help by donating flowers (Enchanted Florist and Flower-Tyme) to beautify the table, and some of the markets (Ashland Food Co-op and Shop 'N Kart) have donated a pie or cake to add to an already amazing table of treats.

Hannah has always made sure that each one of our residents received a valentine with a special message inside from her. (There are close to 100 residents) This is Hannah's last year in high school and then her college plans will have her moving from the area.

For the first few years, Valentine's Day happened to fall on a school day. She would arrive before school began to set up her gorgeous display. In the evening, she would return to clean up. Her only concern was that everyone enjoyed the treats.

A big thank you also goes to the aforementioned businesses for their community support in helping Hannah with her endeavor. Our residents were grinning from ear to ear! This tradition is something this young girl began herself.

We are so proud of her!

Are there any young students out there willing to help keep the tradition going? Call me at 541-482-3292.

Bev Curran Life Engagement Coordinator

Mountain View Senior Living


Where were themedia for Dotterrer?

Shame on the Mail Tribune, the Daily Tidings and all local television and radio stations!

Dave Dotterrer, an Ashland resident and a Republican candidate for the Oregon Senate made his announcement to run on the steps of the Jackson County Courthouse Friday and not one reporter from any venue showed up to cover the story, even though they had all been notified!

Apparently, someone even walked over to the Mail Tribune office and asked for a reporter during the announcement and they refused to send anyone.

If ever there was a glaring example of media bias in our community, this is it. We all deserve to know who is fighting for Oregon — Republican or Democrat!

Michele Hassell


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