Bicycle style and natural beauty

An art bike was parked against a pole on North Main Street outside of Agave eatery. A man at the taco counter, seemingly accustomed to passers-by being curious about the cool ride, said, "That's Charlie's bike. Just a sec, I'll get him."

From the back of the kitchen came Charlie Hunter, a thin guy with a smart smile and a willingness to tell his tale.

Strung around his neck on a leather cord were two pewter wolf heads framing a white pendant of a dancing monkey. "It's Hanuman," he explained, "the Hindu god of mischief." Piercings, tats and chagrin added to his "Thunderdome" style.

Outside, he cozied up to his bike and said that he got it in a trade at the 2010 Burning Man art festival in the Nevada desert.

He had walked into a camp and some of the camp members decided he needed a bike. He can't remember what he traded for it.

Although he's not sure if he's attending the festival this summer — "Nothing's for sure," he said — he still keeps in touch with the campers and hopes to someday reconnect on the playa.

Minutes later, walking down Main Street, were Alex Camp and Samantha Stovall, a duo that represents Ashland's finest female look: fresh-faced, natural beauty sizzling with personal style and warmth.

While they posed for photos above the old stairway near Water Street, Camp confessed that she buys jewelry when she travels to have a memory when she returns.

Stovall claims to have a shy personality hidden under her bright auburn hair and lavender-mauve scarf. Quietly, she warns admirers that she is more than just a pretty face.

— Troy Brown

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