Bicyclist injured after crash into open car door

An Ashland woman was injured when she crashed her bicycle into an open car door, prompting Ashland police to remind bicyclists and motorists to use caution when on the roads this spring.

At about 2 p.m. Thursday, Janet Vidmar, 63, of Ashland, accidentally hit a door to a vehicle that had been opened in the lane of traffic, according to Ashland police. No citations were issued, and Vidmar was transported by Ashland Fire & Rescue to Ashland Community Hospital, where she was treated for her injuries and released.

Deputy Police Chief Corey Falls said the most important thing to remember when bicycling is to act like a vehicle does.

"This means ride on the right side of the road and make the appropriate turns that vehicles do," said Falls, noting that such behavior matches what drivers expect. They aren't expecting to see a bicyclist coming toward them on the wrong side of the road, he explained.

"For drivers it is important to be observant all the time. As the weather gets nicer, be conscious that people are out riding their bikes and aren't always aware of the safest routes to take," Falls said.

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