Bikers should slow down

Dear oblivious girl on a bike:

It was a little before 9 o'clock on a beautiful Friday morning. Jack and I were walking downhill on upper Winburn Way. An old dog and an old lady were on the return leg of a nice stroll.

Suddenly, a whirring sound and a blur occurred on my left. Startled, Jack and I lurched to the right; both of us thinking we were going to be hit by something. I stepped into a hole or uneven pavement, twisted my knee and ankle, and crashed down onto my overly abundant backside. I was cushioned by the rear end that I normally complain about.

Jack momentarily sprinted away, the red end of the retractable lead bumping along after him. When I called him back from my seat on the ground, he only smirked at me and kept running on down the middle of the road. Jack has no street sense, so I am grateful that no cars were coming up the road.

In the distance, I saw the dark-haired "girl on a bike," flying; the mistress of her ship, speeding downhill oblivious to the small chaos in her wake.

I eventually caught up with Jack. He actually gave up, bowing to old age and the promise of a treat. We limped slowly together back to the car.

So, here I sit on my couch, ice on knee, heating pad on back. I'm feeling lucky that it wasn't worse for old Jack and I. Instead of my plan to go to the First Friday art walk, I am watching mindless TV and eating ice cream from the carton as I sense the increase in the backside that cushioned my fall.

Please slow down, girl on a bike! Give us pedestrians a wider berth and give a yell to let us know that you are there. You might also save yourself from injury.

Gayle Gray

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