Blaze at Brammo quickly put out

Fire alarms sounded at about 4:30 a.m. Sunday, alerting Ashland Fire and Rescue to a fire at Brammo Inc.'s headquarters, 550 Clover Lane, Ashland.

Two fire engines responded, and the first crew at the scene observed smoke and water pouring out of a window, according to Ashland fire Battalion Chief Dana Sallee. Crews ventilated smoke from the building and cleaned up water from the sprinkler activation. The sprinkler heads only activated in the area of the fire, suppressing it to the room of origin and keeping it from spreading throughout the building, which houses $2.5 million worth of equipment, Sallee said.

According to Sallee, the fire started in the company's battery room, where a battery was attached to a diagnostic machine or charger. Fire officials believe that's how the fire started, though the cause still is under investigation.

No one was in the building at the time, and there were no injuries.

"The machine hooked up to the battery is estimated at $70,000 in value, and there was another on one in the room," Sallee said, estimating that those two machines, plus damage to drywall and carpet could bring the total cost of the damage from the fire to about $200,000.

"It's amazing how little damage was caused. The sprinkler system saved this building," said Sallee, who added that there are more than 250 businesses in Ashland with fire sprinklers installed.

Fire crews were finished cleaning up the fire by about 6:30 a.m.

Sallee estimates the battery room at Brammo will be back up and running sometime between today and Wednesday. "Fire sprinklers save lives, protect property and make the Fire Department's job a lot easier," Sallee said.

Brammo Inc. is a manufacturer of electric vehicles, specializing in high-performance electric motorcycles.

The company has operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

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