Blazer game not on local TV

Ashlanders planning to watch the Portland Trail Blazers play the Houston Rockets on KFBI-TV Tuesday night were instead treated to an episode of "Deal or No Deal" thanks to a satellite malfunction, according to KFBI general manager Peter Rogers.

The game was the first of 15 that are scheduled to be aired in Ashland on KFBI, which is carried locally by Ashland Home Net, Direct TV and Dish Network. The station, also known as My 48, also airs in Medford.

"We performed a rehearsal test transmission earlier in the week and everything checked out A-OK," Rogers said, "but when it was time for the real broadcast something changed in the transmission."

Rogers said his voice mail was flooded with calls from customers who expected to watch the game.

"We're working diligently to assure that it does not reoccur," he said.

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