Blue bows out of Granite Street site, Agave moving in

A thriving Agave restaurant is making an big expansion, jumping 50 yards up Granite Street and going from 20 seats in their narrow old slot on North Main to 99 seats in the new place.

The popular little Agave, now a decade old, prides itself on serving all house-made items, made from scratch, nothing packaged, with even chips made the same day and avocados cut right in front of you, says owner Jacob Brown-VanAusdall. 

“It’s a huge change for us,” he says. “We’ve been here 10 years and have a big local following. We’ve had to turn away a lot of business because it’s too small. We’re doing really, really well. Had to turn away a lot of big families, too.” 

Blue, Greek on Granite was in the Granite Street spot for five years, but closed in September. Owner Gloria Rossi Menedes cited difficulties in obtaining quality, non-GMO food at reasonable prices. Earlier, the Granite location housed Il Giardino, an Italian restaurant. 

The old Main Street slot for Agave had no parking, just two-hour street zones, but the new home has a big parking lot. It also has outdoor dining in summer on the south side. 

Agave has a crew of 16 employees now, to be much expanded when the season picks up next year, says Brown-VanAusdall, a 2003 graduate of Ashland High School. He has shared time here and with his father in Costa Rica. He worked as an employee at Agave for eight years before the owner got sick and sold it to him three years ago. 

Brown-VanAusdall considers Agave’s fare “cheap, for Ashland. If you don’t order alcohol, you can get dinner — two tacos and soda — for under $10. Ditto an appetizer and taco.

Brown-VanAusdall is remodeling the spot at 5 Granite and expects to move in and be serving in early December. Until then it is serving Mexican food — “Gourmet Tacos & Tamales” — at the old spot, 92 North Main Street. The phone number is 541-488-1770. Find Agave's Facebook page online or go to

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