Bluebird Park stairs open for use

A stairway at Bluebird Park has been replaced with an upgraded stairway.

The stairs were opened for use on May 25.

Access to Bluebird Park via the staircase has been limited since late 2011, when workers dismantled old stairs there.

The old stairs had been repaired in the past, but parks workers became concerned that they might not be able to hold the weight of more than one person.

The stair replacement project was completed after repair work was finished under the sidewalk and on the bridge.

"Three different groups coordinated their efforts to accomplish this task. Ashland Parks and Recreation is responsible for the stairs, the State of Oregon for the bridge, and City of Ashland Public Works for the sidewalks," said Parks and Recreation Department Director Don Robertson. "Ashland Public Works did an outstanding job managing the project. It proved to be much more complicated than at first appearance."

The new staircase features powder-coated tread and two landings — one at the top and the other mid-way down.

"We believe the new stairs will be even more functional and safe than the previous staircase at its prime. We couldn't be happier about the new park stairs," said Robertson.

Work will continue under the bridge and on sidewalk railings, but the work is not expected to hamper the enjoyment of Bluebird Park, nor hinder access to the sidewalks at that location, city officials said.

Dogs are not allowed in Bluebird Park because of concerns about fecal contamination in Ashland Creek, which runs through the miniature park on Water Street.

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