Celebrate the holidays with zany yuletide shows

The Bad Film Society invites you to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or winter with a big grin and bring a white elephant gift to its holiday film showing.

The fun begins at 6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 28, downstairs in the Ashland Elks' Lodge, Will Dodge Way (the alley between E. Main and Lithia Way and First and Second street, Ashland.

You'll see the Elks Dining sign. The private Elks parking lot will be open for use. To park, enter on Second St.

The feature will be "The Hebrew Hammer," an outrageously funny and extra-rude Jewish take on the classic "blaxsploitation" films of the 1970s, a Kosher Shaft. It stars Adam Goldberg in the title role of this holiday farce as a streetwise Jewish private detective.

Santa's evil son, Damian, played by Andy Dick, is pushed over the edge by his father's liberal policies. Damian murders Santa and steps into the vacated role and launches a nefarious worldwide campaign to eradicate the Jewish Holiday, Hanukkah.

The Hebrew Hammer, and his smart, sexy girlfriend Esther Bloomenbergensteinthal, join forces with the African-American Kwanzaa Liberation Front and try to save the day. Oy vey!

Before the feature, bad yuletide holiday TV shows and snippets will be screened. Look for The Monkees, Dame Edna, South Park and more.

Also stay tuned for the 14th episode of the serial "The Lost Planet" from 1953.

On the par with an Ed Wood movie, "The Lost Planet" is considered the worst serial ever made with unintentionally hilarious dialogue like "How are we going to find it, it's the Lost Planet." It was the last sci-fi serial ever made "¦ for good reason.

Those attending should bring special holiday treats for a potluck dinner before the feature.

Wrap up a white elephant gift for a fun holiday gift swap.

The Bad Film Society is requesting a $3 donation to cover the costs of the room rental and supplies.

See badfilmsociety.org.

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