Cheap Dates: Ashland's other parks

Pack a picnic — we're heading to the park! Not Lithia Park; there are 14 other parks in and around Ashland to spend the day no matter your particular interest.

I recommend packing a picnic out of leftovers or other sandwichy goodness you already have on hand. On the fly you can grab some cheap grub at Safeway or Subway. Subway is still offering its $5 foot-long special and Safeway's deli section offers other sandwiches, salads and even fried goodies for less than $5. Bring your reusable water bottle and stay hydrated on these warm summer days.

A great place for meeting new people or just plain being amusing by furry antics is the dog park. Dog owners love to talk about their pet and pooches and rarely fail to bring about some laughter. This 2-acre romping ground is located just off West Nevada Street.

Hunter Park may be the answer for the activity-minded picnicker. This 10-acre park features the Daniel Meyer Swimming Pool, a playground, eight tennis courts and some ball fields. Hunter Park is located on Holmes Avenue between Walker and Normal streets.

The largest park is Siskiyou Mountain Park, with 270 acres of trails for a peaceful day hike, mountain biking and even horse riding, if you have access to a horse. Easy access to the park that rests above the South side of town is off Park Street.

To learn more about the rest of Ashland's parks visit There's bound to be one in your neighborhood.

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