City Council meetings make good reality TV

The City Council has now set the bar very high. They voted that acting in good faith was a bad thing and that acting is bad faith was a good thing.

What a great TV show. The City Council meetings would make current reality shows a thing of the past. We could use the minutes from the last Tuesday's meeting as an idea script. It might go something like this:

Cast: The City Council playing themselves; Location: City Council chambers; Time: Latest regular meeting.

Scene opens with the mayor absent and Silbiger acting in the role of council president chairing the meeting. The time is 9:30 p.m. The council seems to be still agitated from several fights earlier in the evening.

A motion has been made that a previously drafted letter be sent to the Mt. Ashland Association detailing the city's position on the sale of timber from the proposed cutting for the new ski runs.

We open with Mr. Navickas saying, "I disagree with sending the letter to Mount Ashland, as it will be acting in good faith."

Mr. Silbiger: (recognizes Ms. Hardesty) "Eric, I don't follow your logic. Could you explain?"

Mr. Navickas "Yes, if we send this letter we will be acting in good faith. If we continue to act in good faith it will make it hard to act in bad faith. There will come a time when we will want to act in bad faith so we should not continue to act in good faith. Do you understand?"

Ms. Hardesty: (Hesitantly shaking her head) "Yes."

Flash back to earlier in the meeting we enter with Ms. Hartzell making a motion unsupported.

Mr. Chapman: "I think this motion is out of place."

Mr. Silbiger: "There has not been a second."

Mr. Chapman holds up his hands palms out.

Mr. Navickas: "Second!"

Mr. Chapman: "Figures!"

Another fight breaks out and motion is defeated.

Back to the present.

Some business is conducted, just to make it seem like a real council meeting.

It is now 10:30 p.m., end of show time. Several more arguments have broken out and during a break in the action, Mr. Silbiger quickly states, "Meeting adjourned!"

You're right, no one would believe this could be a real City Council. Oh well, I was planning on this show making Ashland even more famous and making enough to pay my city taxes and fees. My hopes are dashed.

William Heimann

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