City to initiate annual fire prevention and weed abatement program

Fire season is just around the corner, and it is time to abate weeds on all city lots no later than June 15. Weeds and other unmanaged combustible vegetation can cause a significant fire hazard as the season turns to summer.

The following City guidelines should be used to manage the vegetation on your property. All property owners are required to:

· Cut grass to no more than 4” in height

· Trim trees and thin brush to prevent wildfire movement across the property

· Maintain parkrows and other right of way areas abutting your property

Owners with properties greater than one acre are required to:

· Abate hazards within 30 feet of the structure and/or to the lot line. Increase this distance by 10 feet for every 10% slope over 10%

· Create a buffer strip 15 feet wide around the lot.

· Create a 15 foot buffer next to access roads and driveways through properties.

Weed abatement is now being managed by Ashland Fire & Rescue. Weed abatement laws will be proactively applied to the Wildfire Hazard Zone. Weed abatement laws throughout the rest of the city will be managed by complaint only on properties which present a fire risk. Weed abatement requirements will be applied as indicated in AMC 9.04 and penalties can include fines up to $500.

Additional information about weed abatement can be found at the City of Ashland’s website:

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