Coffee shop burglarized second time

A second burglary in 10 days has left Intatto Coffee & Tobacco Co. owners shaken, but resolved to stick with their new business on Pioneer Street.

"This is what I do for a living and I'm not ready to give up on it yet," Intatto owner Leslie Terrill said.

Within the past two days, someone forced open the back door to the shop and took cigars and imported cigarettes. Terrill and her husband, Douglas, were in Portland for the past few days for the funeral of Douglas' mother, so the exact time of the burglary is unknown.

The first break-in occurred June 27, when someone forced open a window and took two glass hookah pipes and all of the store's American Spirit brand cigarettes.

Ashland Police Department Sgt. Bob Smith said Wednesday morning the burglars kicked in the glass on the door on the backside of the building in the most recent break-in.

"Because of the time frame involved, even though the point of entry was different, we think the two incidents are probably related," he said. "Having two so close together doesn't happen often."

Police have no suspects yet in either burglary.

Leslie Terrill estimated the value of the items taken at about $1,000.

"We've been in this business for 20 years and we've never had back-to-back break-ins like this," she said. "I think the tobacco is the focus. They went straight for the Macanudos (cigars). They didn't take the change in the cash drawer and there were a couple of bucks in the tip drawer — they didn't take that."

Terrill said she's considering removing tobacco from the store's offerings, and will likely install security improvements based on the increased damage from the second break-in.

"It was really more violent this time," she said. "They really kicked the door in and broke the door jam."

The Terrills opened up Intatto Coffee at 163 N. Pioneer St. at the end of March.

Police ask anyone with information on the crimes to call the department at 541-482-5211.

Myles Murphy is an editor and reporter with the Daily Tidings. Reach him at

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