Common School Fund money distributed

Jackson County's nine school districts will receive $1.2 million in funding from the state's Common School Fund.

The total payout for the funds, distributed to school districts across the state, is nearly $24 million, a news release said.

The fund, established to allocate state land funds to schools, is overseen by the Secretary of State, State Treasurer and Gov. John Kitzhaber. Department of State Lands officials give out the funds biannually to the nearly 200 school districts across Oregon.

Medford School District received a majority of the funds sent to Jackson County school with $544,146.55. A breakdown of how much each district received is below:

  • Phoenix-Talent School District $116,935
  • Ashland School District $118,646
  • Central Point School District $195,531
  • Eagle Point School District $181,430
  • Rogue River School District $41,416
  • Prospect School District $9,827
  • Butte Falls School District $6,610
  • Pinehurst School District $1,615
  • Medford School District $544,146

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