Counterfeit bills on rise in valley

Police have seen a jump in counterfeit bills exchanging hands in Medford over the past several weeks. The bills range from $5 to $100. Some of the fake bills are accurate re-creations, while others are shoddy at best, said Medford police Sgt. Kevin Walruff.

"We had one person accept a bill that had the two different sides glued together," Walruff said.

Most of the bills were passed in dimly lit places such as bars and Purple Parrots. Others were exchanged in high-traffic services such as gas stations, where workers are in a hurry to move customers along, Walruff said.

"We are asking that people slow down and take a good look at the money," Walruff said.

Things to look for when identifying possible counterfeit bills are:

- The mylar strip with the matching correct denomination.

- The watermark and president should match if held up to the light.

- Check the texture of the bill.

- Real bills should have visible red and blue fibers.

- Real bills also should have raised printed ink.

- Always use a counterfeit pen on large bills.

Police are unsure if the bills are connected to an organized counterfeiting ring.

"We could just be seeing a random increase here lately," Walruff said. Anyone who suspects a bill is fake should call police immediately, Walruff said.

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