County partnership to help with drug discounts

Wellpartner, an Oregon-based provider of contract pharmacy solutions, recently announced partnerships with Community Health Center and La Clinica del Valle of Jackson County. The partnerships provide access to discounted medications for the region's uninsured and underserved patients. By implementing Wellpartner's 340B Access Solution to administer the clinics' 340B Drug Discount Programs, patients in Ashland, Central Point, Medford, Phoenix and White City will gain access to the discounted medications.

"Access to affordable medications is critical, especially during a time when the number of uninsured and underinsured patients is rapidly increasing," said W. Michael Wright, Wellpartner president and CEO. "We are excited to extend our 340B solution to these clinics and help expand access to affordable medications."

Using Wellpartner's 340B Access Solution, any prescription written by these health care safety-net providers can be dispensed through a participating contract pharmacy at the substantially discounted 340B program price. Pharmacies participating with Community Health Center include Safeway in Medford, and Cascade Pharmacy in White City. Patients of La Clinica del Valle can have their prescriptions filled at the Phoenix Pharmacy in Phoenix.

"The 340B Drug Discount Program will allow us to expand the level of care we provide our patients," said Peg Crowley, executive director of Community Health Centers. "Wellpartner's 340B Access Solution will allow us to partner with our community pharmacy to offer a low-cost option to our patients for their medications."

Community Health Center and La Clinica del Valle are the latest in a growing number of safety-net clinics that are using Wellpartner's 340B Access Solution to enable their participation in the Federal 340B Drug Discount Program, according to a Wellpartner statement.

This program is intended to help under-insured and uninsured patients by offering discounts of as much as 51 percent below the prices usually charged at retail pharmacies.

The health care safety-net is comprised of federally qualified U.S. health centers and other providers, and serves more than 17 million people in more than 6,000 facilities around the country each year. The Federal 340B Drug Discount Program permits health care safety-net providers to purchase medications at discounts substantially below the prices paid by insurers and state Medicaid programs.

Wellpartner, Inc. is a provider of pharmacy distribution solutions for health plans, Medicaid programs and safety-net providers nationwide. Dedicated to lowering the cost of medications using contract pharmacy services and home-delivery, Wellpartner offers innovative solutions that improve the customer experience at the point of pharmacy service.

Wellpartner is the largest independent provider of contract pharmacy services for the federal 340B Drug Discount Program, a market estimated at more than $6.7 billion annually. Wellpartner has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in Oregon, and ranked in Inc. Magazine's list of the 500 fastest growing companies. To learn more about Wellpartner, go to

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