Cyclist struck by a car on boulevard

A woman attempting to make a lane change while riding her bike on Siskiyou Boulevard was hit by a car late Monday morning, causing police to block southbound traffic on the boulevard after Ashland Street.

Lois Wright, 77, was still conscious when she was transported to Ashland Community Hospital.

She was wearing a helmet, but it cracked on impact with the street, and she left a pool of blood behind, said David Shepherd, a fire engineer at the scene.

The woman was well-known around the fire station because she often stopped by to pick up their recyclables, Shepherd said.

"She was making a lane change when the two collided," said Steve MacLennan, a police officer at the scene. "They both were outbound. She changed lanes and didn't look clearly."

Wright, who was still in the hospital Tuesday morning, said she put her arm out to signal, but couldn't recall if she looked for cars before changing lanes.

"I saw her; she was in the bike lane until I was about to pass her," said Erin Kimball who was driving the car. "She turned suddenly into me, and there was no way to avoid her at that point."

Kimball was visibly upset as the police interviewed her.

"It's really horrible to hit a 77-year old woman, she said. "That's just awful."

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