Darex-made drills sold to U.S. military

March 3, 2006

A local manufacturing company in Ashland is contributing to the war effort in Iraq.

Darex, an Ashland company of 25 years that makes drills and various drill equipment on Hersey Street, recently received a $375,000 contract with the National Center for Defense Manufacturing, to make a drill bit for use by American troops in Iraq.



re proud to support our troops in Iraq,&

Lana Hjorten, the company&

s spokesperson said. &

Our servicemen are now getting what they need to help protect them.&

Darex makes a drill sharpener, the V390, that will be used to sharpen the drill bit used to install GPS equipment on military humvees being used in Iraq. The humvees, Hjorten said, are equipped with a kit that soldiers can use to fix the GPS equipment in case it is damaged.

The kit, she said, enables them &

to do repairs on the fly.&

Hjorten said while Darex does support our troops in Iraq, &

we don&

t necessarily support the war.&

She added, &

It touches a lot of our lives here. So many people have sons or daughters over there.&

Darex has been manufacturing drill parts and other tools in Ashland for at least the last 25 years, Hjorten said, when the current CEO, David Bernard, moved his family&

s company here from Beecher, Ill. She said, &

He was traveling through with his family and just fell in love with the place.&

the name of the company, she said, is derived from David&

s name, his grandfather, Arthur, who founded the company, and his father Richard. Together, their first initials spell DAR.

Darex will produce 375 of the drill sharpeners for the military. They cost $1,000 a piece and Hjorten said, &

They are very accurate and user friendly.&

The V390 sharpener is already used in 40 countries around the world as well as in hospitals and maintenance facilities across this country. Hjorten said it is the drill sharpener used by Sea World.

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